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Eye Protection

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Eye Protection / Safety Glasses


Industrial workers are often exposed to a wide variety of hazards like dust, debris, particulate, liquids – and even molten metals – that can result in serious eye and facial injuries if proper protection isn’t worn. You may think that wearing eye and face protection is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked! 


We supply a range of products to keep your workforce protected.

  • Adjustable to suit a wide variety of face shapes (most styles)

  • Safety spectacles are available in a face “hugging” styles.

  • Meets CSA-Z94.3 and ANSI-Z87.1 and Z87.62 Standards

Akeel recognizes the importance of providing workers with suitable eye and face protection, while also understanding the importance of comfort and style. After all, eye protection is a very personal product for any worker.

We offer a wide variety of safety glasses, goggles, face shields, and accessories from leading manufacturers.

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Products Categories: ​

  • Confined Space

  • Electric Protection

  • Emergency Shower and Eyewash

  • Ergonomics

  • Eye & Face Protection

  • Facility Maintenance

  • Fall Protection

  • Fire Protection

  • First Aid and Emergency

  • Preparedness

  • Foot Protection

  • Gas Detection

  • Hand and Arm Protection

  • Head Protection

  • Hearing Protection

  • Hygiene and Disposables

  • Protective Clothing

  • Respiratory Protection

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